COMEZ INTERNATIONAL is the centre of expertise and capacity, unique in the world, for the production of crochet and warp knitting machines:

  • Ÿ  supply of a wide range of machinery for many applications
  • Ÿ  COMEZ stands for high quality machines Made in Italy
  • Ÿ  service quality
  • Ÿ  well experienced team
  • Ÿ  high advanced equipment.

COMEZ is a global leader in machinery technology for the production of narrow fabrics, with its Crochet Knitting Machines and Warp Knitting Machines, used for the production of a wide range of narrow fabrics (laces, ribbons, bands), technical textiles, passementerie, fancy yarns, and fabrics for outerwear.

With 90% of its turnover generated by exports, COMEZ boasts tens of thousands of its machines installed in the world over. 

The many models making up the wide range of COMEZ machines all feature a high level of technology and original design solutions: many are protected by international patents.

The resourcefulness and experience which have allowed COMEZ to achieve a position of global leadership in the sector in its 60 years in business, derive from its maintaining a direct and on-going contact with its customers.

By operating in close synergy with textile manufacturers committed to the production of "excellence", COMEZ is capable of providing suitable and specific responses to the market’s demands, proposing new machine models for creating innovative textile products, following an increasing need for the customization of textile machinery, and therefore allowing textile and fabric designers to obtain results that can stir and exalt their creativity.

In October 2012, COMEZ combined business activities in the field of crochet and warp knitting machines with Jakob Müller AG Frick and operates under the name COMEZ International s.r.l.

Due to the combined strengths of the two Companies, COMEZ is able to continuously provide advanced knitting solutions, and to even increase the leading technological standard and services to meet the customers' needs in an excellent way.

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