• 1953: COMEZ (COSTRUZIONI MECCANICHE ZORINI) was founded as a machine shop in Cilavegna by Luigi OMODEO ZORINI
  • In the 1960s: first expansion of its production facilities
  • 1968: The production installations are moved to a new building of 5,000 sq.m
  • 1974: the company is turned into a S.p.A. (joint stock company)
  • 1978: Mr. Paolo Banfi joined COMEZ as General Director
  • Early 1980s: opening of the first warehouse facility in the U.S.A., marking the start of the worldwide expansion of COMEZ
  • Over the years, the range of crochet machines has been supplemented with various models of auxiliary machines
  • Late 1990s: COMEZ introduced weaving needle looms and electronic double needle bed warp knitting machines
  • June 1990: COMEZ moved to its final facility in Via Fermi 5, Cilavegna
  • October 2003: COMEZ celebrated its first 50 year anniversary
  • December 24, 2010: the founder, Mr. Luigi Omodeo Zorini passed away
  • October 2012: Jakob Müller AG Frick and COMEZ Gestioni S.p.A. combine business activities in the field of crochet and warp knitting machines

             As of October 2012: COMEZ INTERNATIONAL s.r.l., a member of JAKOB MÜLLER group.

  •  COMEZ sold more than 25’000 machines


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