High speed crochet knitting machine for mass production of both elastic and non-elastic bands. 

- working width: up to 824.5 mm
- 3 weft bars controlled by the weft device
- bearded needles
- gauges: 12 - 14 - 15 n.p.i. / 6 n.p.cm 


  video (machine)

 video (collector)







Within the "Sustainable Technologies" project promoted by ACIMIT, the green label obtained for this model demonstrates and valorises the machine's efficiency and its energy/environmental qualities, indicating its technical specifications and carbon footprint in reference to its operating cycle. 

Thanks to its innovative design, the COMEZ 82/B3 makes use of the technologies apllied to the previous machines, accentuating its eco-compatibility charateristics: 

  • 80% reduction in lubricating oils
  • 20% reduction in absorbed electrical power, using innovative high performance kinetic motions
  • new highly integrated control electronics allow for the use of electrical cables with a reduced section and length.

The COMEZ 829/B3 is roughly 30% more energy efficient overall compared to the previous models. 

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