Electronic double needle bed warp knitting machine for the production of a wide range of articles, such as, for example for:

  • technical uses (netting for sports equipment and the food industry, high resistance ribbons in special fibres, ribbons and fabrics for applications in the geo-textile, automotive, building and industrial sectors)
  • medical uses (tubular elastic netting, emergency bandages and dressings, disposable underwear)
  • footwear (spacer fabrics for uppers)
  • women's apparel (mesh stockings and pantyhose) and fashion fabrics.  

- working width: 1270 mm
- 12 guide bars with electronic control
- 2 sinker bars
latch needles
- gauges: 5 - 10 - 12 - 15 - 18 n.p.i.
distance between needle beds: 1 - 16 mm





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