COMEZ guarantees all of its customers an efficient, prompt and thorough PRE- AND POST-SALE TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICE, both directly and through a sales organisation comprising several representatives.

The COMEZ SERVICE TEAM provides exclusive and valuable services for all users through:

● continued consultancy on all problem issues relating to production of narrow fabrics

● supply of technical support

● machine demonstrations and tests

● theoretical and practical training courses

● assessing and studying the possibility of using COMEZ machines to produce an ever wider range of articles.

The aim is to increase the fields in which COMEZ machines can be applied and, as a result, allow users to penetrate and compete in a broader range of textile sectors, both traditional and new.


Реквизиты карты газпромбанка To get in touch with our SERVICE TEAM: 

Обмен Qiwi RUB на Bitcoin BTC - Gilberta CAMPANA (Customer Service)

- Angelo LODIGIANI  купить Азот Кремёнки ( watch Service Technician)

Купить биткоин за киви Обмен Qiwi RUB на Bitcoin BTC - Matteo PEZZANA  (Service Technician)

- Piermario PISANI (Service Technician)

- Gianni PISANI (Service Technician)


T. +39 0381 698662

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