Technical textiles

Technical textiles represent an innovative sector, one which is highly specialized and offers unlimited potential for the future. For this sector, COMEZ boasts a range of machines which are all specially suited to cover a multitude of requests from the different fields demanding the use of technical textile articles.

Because of the special characteristics they must possess and their end-use, technical textile articles are produced using specific yarns and materials.

COMEZ research has led to the creation of machines which guarantee the safe processing of special yarns at high operating speeds. These machines are highly versatile in terms of the yarns they can process (natural yarns such as wool and cotton, and special yarns like Kevlar, fibreglass, copper and zinc yarns, etc.), and in the variety of basic knit constructions in the warp, such as closed knit tricot, open knit tricot, closed chaining effect, open chaining effect.


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