Machineries for sportswear bands

Crochet and warp knitting machine for each type of bands,
3D fabrics and textiles for sportswear, outerwear and underwear.

Applications for medical

Our machines allow you the best technologies for textile-based implant (mesh), gauzes, knee-bands, body belts, tubular nets and many more.



COMEZ offers highly reliable mechanical crochet machines, designed to perform at maximum operating speeds, and easy to operate electronic crochet machines, featuring the most advanced technologies. All our crochet machines can be equipped with compound needles, ideal for processing both synthetic and natural yarns.


The technology applied to our single and double needle bed warp knitting machines allows the production of numerous and complex types of fabrics. Using two needle beds, double-face articles can be obtained with an identical or different structure and specifications on both sides. Three-dimensional fabrics of varying thickness can also be produced.


COMEZ customer care is our foremost strength. We guarantee consultancy services for narrow fabric projects, joint studies for developing new products and machine customization. Our global sales service includes the supply of spare parts, a training centre, worldwide helpdesk and machinery demonstration and testing facilities.


Our electronic machines are equipped with the exclusive COMEZ electronic drive system for weft bars, take-down devices and feeders (no chain links and gears required), and therefore provide very high operating speeds.

This software allows customized adjustments and fast article changeovers.

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Knitted fabrics for surgery

Knitted fabrics are widely used in surgery for applications and textile implants including, for example suture materials, meshes for hernia repair, artificial ligaments and knitted grafts along with fabrics for heat exchangers and oxygenators. The versatility of Comez...

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Knitting technology for folded articles in gauge 20

Knitting technology for folded articles in gauge 20

Come to ITM and visit us in Hall 2, Stand 220. Discover the wide range of possibilities of the COMEZ 609/B3, a high speed crochet knitting machine, extremely competitive for mass production of a wide range of elastic and rigid bands.

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Nets bags with natural materials

Nets bags with natural materials

Forgot the plastic nets and reduce the environmental impact! Nets bags, ideal for shopping and for free time, can be produced on COMEZ warp knitting machines using any sustainable and natural fibres.

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