Comez boasts a range of machines which are all specially suited to produce medical textile articles. Because of the special characteristics they must possess and their end‐use, technical textile articles are produced using specific yarns and materials. Comez research has led to the creation of machines which guarantee the safe processing of special yarns at high operating speeds. Following some examples of the many medical articles which can be produced using technical articles obtainable with:

  • rigid gauzes, for hospital use or for bandages
  • semi-elastic gauze, used in the pharmaceutical sector or as protective bandages
  • fibreglass bands for emergency plaster casts
  • elastic bandages, used in the production of elastic knee‐bands, body belts, etc.
  • tubular elastic nets for post‐operative bandage containment
  • elastic bands incorporating the female part of a loop tape fastener, for post‐operative use
  • artificial ligaments, vein and arteries grafts
  • fabrics for blood filtration

Knitting technology for surgery