Companies are all doing their very best these days to avoid stopping production. And they’re certainly aware of the difficulties in tracking down PPE, particularly protective face masks to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This is why we’re pleased to inform you that COMEZ can provide prompt delivery on the model 609/B3. This is the ideal high speed crochet machine for manufacturing elastic bands for both industrial and surgical grade face masks.

This machine’s efficiency, reliability and high yield allow for a high quality finished product in quantities that are absolutely competitive compared to other types of existing machinery on the market. Furthermore, we can guarantee prompt delivery from our production warehouse in Cilavegna.

Please consult the attached brochure for all machinery specifications.

For further information on the ear loops for face masks or on our machines, contact the COMEZ Sales Area Manager responsible for your country.

609/B3 for face masks

Image credits: Face mask designed by Freepik