Right from the beginning of this emergency, we have made ourselves available to our customers in order to meet the needs of a rapidly changing market. We took advantage of our technical expertise in the narrow fabric sector to develop two new machines models for the production of elastic cords, essentials accessories for the protective masks. The supplied machineries satisfy the users’ requirements both in qualitative and quantitative terms in a period in which reliability and productivity have become key factors for the textile companies.

The solutions that we are glad to offer are 1700/20, multi-head circular knitting machine for high production of chainette cords, and DNB/600-2B, double needle bed warp knitting machine with high operation speed. Both these technologies allow the production of elastic ear loops for protective mask with high performance. Depending on the articles features, a single machine can produce in one day the necessary elastic cords to manufacture approx. 50.000 masks.

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The 1700/20 machine is the ideal for great production of tubular elastic cords for the medical field as well as for passementerie, knitwear production and for accessories. Tthis machine is mainly used for the production of elastic ear loops for protective masks, both disposable and reusable.

Main advantages for users

  • 20 operating heads with easily interchangeable cylinders. They are available from 4 to 24 needles
  • Thanks to the latch needles, all yarn types can be employed
  • Wide number of applications, obtained changing hole diameter and quantity of needles according to each article
  • Possibility of rear collection by means of the optional finished product collector with 2 rollers for high boxes or directly into collection boxes on the front of the machines
  • Bobbin creel with 40 positions (optional)


The ongoing innovation on our machineries with mechanical control, lead to the improvement of their efficiency, productivity and easy operations. The result of this continue research is the new DNB/600-2B, a high speed mechanical warp knitting machine with double needle bed, suitable for the mass production of simple articles, such as elastic bands for face masks and sportswear bands.

Main benefits

  • Very high productivity is allowed thanks to its operating speed and the low stitch density value required by fabrics produced
  • Its compact design and reduced working width allow fast article change overs, in both small and long production runs
  • The machine is equipped with 2 mechanically controlled guide bars and can process any type of yarn, both synthetic and natural, according to the machine gauge