D-REM – Take advantage of our new remote services

19 Sep 2023

Use our new remote service device D-REM for diagnosis and configuration updates on all electronically controlled Comez machines.

Our remote service device provides technical support on the latest generation of electronically controlled Comez machines through a secure data exchange.
The installation of the remote service device is very simple – you will of course receive appropriate instructions from us.

The remote service device is another crucial component with regard to the optimum operation of your machines.



Efficient service

Reduction of service and maintenance costs as well as avoidance of unnecessary travel expenses.

Real time technical assistance

by our well-experienced staff.

Maximum safety

The on-board emergency stoppage and safety protections have priority over any commands sent remotely.

Easy access

D-REM can be quickly activated by using a push-button panel.

Save time and money with our remote technical support! Please contact us through your relevant Comez sales contact for more information.

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