Profit from mymueknit online course in your personal area

29 Jan 2024

Since its launch in November 2022, mymueknit platform has been continuously enriched with new contents: with our setup charts you can get plenty of examples on how to make the most of your Comez knitting machines.

However, in your mymueknit personal area you can find much more! All mymueknit users have free access to an online course on all software functionality.

Online course: main topics

  • Complete instructions and tips on commands and procedures of mymueknit design and patterning software
  • Basis for sample analysis, design and simulation of knitted patterns
  • Software instructions for both COMEZ and Jakob Müller knitting machines
  • Deepening on the samples library: how to access and download online drawings and setup charts
  • Thanks to modular structure of the online course, you can search for the contents you are interested and access them quickly
  • Quiz to test your enhancements

Discover how to profit from our design and patterning software, start your online course now!

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