Greater stability to the end product with the heat setting device

15 Feb 2024

Heat-setting process is a treatment that gives shape preservation, crease resistance, elasticity to the fibre. Depending on the fibre, it may also changes the strength, softness and dye-ability of the fabric.

Our machines can be equipped with a heat setting device (HSD), so as to obtain a shrinking and certain degree of stability for the product.

This device is applied to the finished product collector device (REF), with the electrical control panel on the left side of the machine.

Operation of the heat setting device

When synthetic yarns are used (polyester, nylon, etc.) the HSD device allows for a “total” breadthwise shrinking of the product.

An average shrinking of 10% is achieved, but it mainly depends on the yarns being used, on the ribbon height and on the needle arrangement used for the production of the article.

Satisfactory results are generally obtained by adjusting the temperature at about 120°C for nylon articles and at about 170°C for polyester articles.

In order to avoid any heat damage, each roller of the device features a protective shield that is activated when machine stops.

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