Even after our participation at ITMA Barcelona, where we launched two machines with an high level of technological innovation, at COMEZ we continue to invest in development. This is because our target is always offering the appropriate solutions to the market and to our customers.

In 2019 COMEZ present SIMBIO/M, a high-efficiency machine for the production of high-strength elastic belts, used for technical applications in the furnishing sector.

COMEZ SIMBIO comes from the know-how of our group and is composed by different parts which fulfil better these two functions:

  • the covering of the elastic thread, carried out by a crochet machine;
  • the weaving of the elastic belt, carried out by a needle loom Müller NF special execution.

The crochet machine, with a 400 mm operating width and bearded needles, determines the insertion of the rubber, or elastomer, threads and covers it with multifilament synthetic threads, such as polyester, nylon or polypropylene. The covered elastic thread passes directly into the Müller needle loom with whom could be obtained simultaneously 2 belts with a maximum width of 90 mm  or 4 belts with a maximum width of 50 mm.

The clear advantage granted from this machine is the fact that a direct passage is obtained between the raw materials and the finished product. In this way, the eventuality of interruptions in the production stage is eliminated, bringing about a reduction in production costs. Thanks to the COMEZ SIMBIO/M, the three traditional stages (covering, warping, weaving), usually carried out using different kinds of machine and in separate departments, are efficiently and economically combined in a single operation.