The search of excellence is related to the attentive listening to the needs of the customers. The market request is often to obtain equipments which are suitable to different machines. Operating independently from the production line, these devices has to provide the benefit of covering the fabric production of several machine units. For this purpose we present COMEZ M-REI/600, a compact machinery for thermally fixing the width of knitted fabrics, a finishing device designed to permanently set the height of textile fabrics, or vary their width.

This type of finishing machine is ideal for the narrow fabrics sector and for creating samples. Fabrics that are enlarged using this system have the necessary stability to avoid being significantly deformed during later production processes, such as dyeing. In addition, in the production of lace fabrics, this heat treatment process with fabric enlargement accentuates the highlighting of the main design against the ground pattern.

System features                                                          

The fabric is hooked automatically with an electrically operated device. The two chains, with a succession of points, feed the stretched fabric into a heated chamber, where the combined action of heat and ventilation quickly fixes its dimension.

An on-board unwinder allows the fabric previously collected in rolls to be unwound inside the oven by means of needle-nose pliers. A manual control defines the degree of fabric enlargement before reaching the heat setting phase.

For the production of lace, a device at the fabric exit point removes the tying chains so as to separate the individual ribbons and collect them as they fall into boxes.

More information in the COMEZ M-REI/600 video.