COMEZ extensive technical expertise and market experience make available to customers an array of devices and accessories to apply to machinery, effectively creating customized models based on specific production requirements, yarn specifications and fabric structure. COMEZ machinery can be perfectly combined with devices and/or accessories to optimize work processes and obtain high quality products. The current trend towards more refined, niche textile productions that incorporate a greater degree of technology content makes COMEZ your ideal partner in responding to your specific needs.

Over the years, the demand for customized products has driven COMEZ to manufacture a wide range of complementary machines to be employed in different stages of textile processing, including:

  • motorized beam carrier devices
  • transfer printing and finishing machinery
  • narrow fabric winding and packaging machinery

The descriptions below highlight the basic specifications of four models used for yarn preparation and finishing processes: beam carrier systems (ST-32T and SU.V/CE), IRONPRINT, COMEZ M-REI/600 and AR/902.EL.


The unique COMEZ modular system of structures and motorized beams, or mechanically braking units, is applicable to all crochet machines and needle looms. This system can be customised and sized to each customer’s specific needs.


Beam carrier shaft with electronic control which can be applied to the structure (up to 8 beams with max. diameter 350 mm)

Beam carrier shaft with electronic control which can be applied to the structure (up to 8 beams with max. diameter 350 mm).

Carrying frame for 4 SU.V/CE-32, positioned on the ground.

Carrying frame for 4 SU.V/CE-32, positioned on the ground.


Ironing and transfer printing machine: IRONPRINT

IRONPRINT is a practical, simple and economical transfer printing calender designed especially for specialized manufacturers. This unit provides excellent results in ironing bands, ribbons and lace, both rigid and elastic, and is the ideal solution for improving the presentation of finished products, lending a uniform and compact appearance. Also used in transfer paper printing with a large variety of patterns, thanks to a wide 46 cm work area that allows for the simultaneous processing of several bands.

COMEZ IRONPRINT also features an electronic temperature control heating system using electrical resistances. The system’s clear advantage lies in its extreme speed in bringing the ironing cylinder to the desired set temperature.


Stenter frame for finishing purposes: COMEZ M-REI/600M-REI/600 is a compact machine designed to vary and thermally fix the width of knitted fabrics, as well as creating samples of reduced width, from 300 to 600 mm. This stenter machine can process a wide array of fabrics and knitted, lace and net articles, etc., at an adjustable speed depending on the type of fabric and subsequent finishing processes.

COMEZ M-REI/600 is a machine specially designed for workshop processing and samples, yet offering identical performance to production machinery. The reduced size of on-board components, from the feed unit to the collection area, results in a very compact, functional design that can cover the production of several machines, operating outside the fabric production line, providing clear economic benefits.

Stretched, thermo-set fabrics using this system are sufficiently stable to avoid significant deformities resulting from later production processes, such as dyeing. Additionally, when the heat treatment process is applied to lace, the primary design is accentuated against the ground pattern.


Electronic winder for narrow fabrics: AR/902.ELAR/902.EL is an electronic winder for narrow fabrics such as bands, ribbons, lace and passementerie. The winding speed is adjusted by a potentiometer, based on the width of the band, whereas the band’s feed tension is determined by adjustable tensioners. This machine is designed to provide a consistent band tension for any type of yarn, from the most elastic to rigid yarns.

Featuring its own electronic meter counter, the machine stops automatically when the preset number of meters has been reached. Furthermore, the machine can also be stopped manually using a push button or pedal, and the winding operation is interrupted automatically if any knots or twisting occurs on the band.

In addition to the basic version for winding onto cones, the machine can also be equipped with a series of special guides, including:

  • a special device for winding bands onto circular rolls;
  • a special device for winding bands onto flat cartons;
  • a disentangling device.