Thanks to COMEZ long standing experience, electronic knitting machines for producing protective face masks are now available

The new containment phase related to the COVID-19 pandemic is a very delicate one, requiring that each of us suitably comply with strict safety standards. As such, companies worldwide have been requested to provide significant quantities of personal protective equipment for their clients, particularly face masks.

Right from the beginning of this emergency, COMEZ has made available to its customers its own technical expertise in the development of machinery designed especially for the production of reusable masks. Today, we are in a position to guarantee numerous solutions that effectively respond to different requirements, from the manufacturing of elastic bands (round or flat) to the production of complete face masks.

Specifically, we have developed a special configuration for our electronic machines that guarantees the production of face masks complete with an elastic band. Equipped with a long weft device, allows the production of resistant and elastic reusable face masks, suitable to be worn even for extended periods of time. The finished product manufactured on our electronic machines requires only cutting and sewing for its completion.

Another solution for producing face masks is to add the elastic bands directly on a non-woven fabric which is elasticized on our electronic machines. This configuration includes a special embroidery device, it allows high production speed and it offers a great economic advantage.

Of course, it is also possible to produce only the elastic bands – both flat, round or tubular and in different   widths – on our mechanical machines. Below we show some samples of elastic bands produced on COMEZ machines: the roundish and flat elastic bands in the first and second images are made on crochet knitting machines, while in the third image it is shown a tubular elastic band made on our machines for the production of chainette cords machines for the production of chainette cords.

Various COMEZ machine models can be used for all these types of production, all of which offer a high level of versatility. Thanks to the specifications of these machines, article changes can be handled easily, when required by the market.