COMEZ machines can produce a wide range of chainette cords (“tripolino”), widely used in passementerie, in the production of knitwear, in the accessories and in many other sectors including the medical field. In this emergency period, our machines for the production of chainette cords are mainly used for making elastic ear loops for protective face masks, both disposable and reusable.

The needles of these machines allow to use many different kind of yarns including the synthetic fibers: it is thus possible to obtain elastic and resistant chainette cords which are soft to the touch. The features of these elastic cords allow an easy welding to the fabric and make them ideal as ear loops for surgical face masks.

COMEZ 1700/20 is our new knitting machine for the production of rigid and elastic chainette cords in large quantities. This machine is equipped with 20 operating heads, the needle cylinders are interchangeable and available up to 24 needles each, with unloading holes of various diameters.

layout 1700/20, a chainette machine for ear loops

We are always committed to offer new machineries and solutions approaching the market demands. For further information on our chainette machines for medical articles and on the elastic ear loops for face masks, contact the Sales Area Manager responsible for your country.

Image credits: Face mask by Freepik,  all other images by Comez International s.r.l.