Double needle bed machine for rigid and elastic articles, for both fashion and technical applications

Comez technology is continuously evolving to move ahead, in line with the demands of our customers, based on new market trends and needs. Our commitment is to develop more flexible, easy to manage machines.

The CDK80 provides every textile manufacturer with the ability to react quickly and efficiently to market changes, by creating new high-quality articles. The ideal machine for samples and frequent article changes.

Thanks to its especially broad range of applications, the CDK80 is perfect for creating rigid and elastic articles, for both fashion and technical applications, such as:

  • various types of three-dimensional knitted fabrics
  • nettings for sports articles and the automotive sector
  • multilayer or tubular fabrics
  • warp-knit fabrics
  • tubular fabrics for medical applications (bandages)
  • special fabrics for surgical uses (containment)
  • elastic fabrics for footwear
  • accessories for the garment sector (scarves)
  • ribbons for hemming sports clothing (bands)

The CDK80 double needle bed machine is especially recommended for the production of nettings for interior furnishings for the automotive sector.

Main benefits for users

  • The CDK80’s design satisfies customers’ needs without compromises, in terms of accessibility on both sides of the fabric work area. Changes in gauge, adjustments to the opening of the needle beds and needles for special articles, oscillation setting adjustments on the bar group – all are simple, quickly executed operations.
  • Each textile movement, including fabric feeding and pulling, is governed by mechanical and electronic synchronisms, allowing for optimal coordination of all elements that contribute to the production of the article. The unit is also equipped with a sinker group, ensuring excellent fabric quality.
  • The CDK80 has a working width of 837 mm, and is fitted with 8 guide bars that are driven by 8 motors. The machine can be set up in gauges E10, E14, E15, E18, E20, E22 and E24.
  • The movement of the guide bars, as well as the yarn feeding and fabric take-up system, are controlled and programmed for each individual pattern line, via an easy-to-use graphic control panel on board the machine.

We are certain the CDK80 is the ideal solution for manufacturing highly refined articles that are in step with the growing demands of an increasingly technologically sophisticated clientele, maintaining a superior quality / price ratio.

For more information or to view samples produced on our machines, please contact our agents or the COMEZ Sales Area Manager responsible for your country.