Our company provides various solutions capable of significantly enhancing the stability, volume and safety of FIBCs and big bags.

Numerous clients have already opted for Comez machinery for the production of baffle nets and internal reinforcement netting on Jumbo Bags. Netting manufactured using our machinery is sewn into large bags in order to transport a variety of materials, from the building industry to agricultural products, grains and chemical materials. Thanks to this innovative solution, you’ll be able to benefit from various advantages:

  • optimized space inside the big bags, increasing capacity;
  • the netting maintains the shape of jumbo bags unaltered, improving their stability and easy storage, as well as enhancing their safety in every use stage.

Our specialized machines are designed to produce baffle nets of every dimension and format, both “open” and “closed”. Furthermore, you can rely on the expertise of our customer care to provide support in developing the best solution for your specific needs.

The video below provides a demonstration of just some of our baffle nets solutions.

machinery for baffle nets - video

‌If you need further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our Sales Manager or regional agent.