Fancy yarns for haute couture

12 Mar 2024

Fancy yarns for haute couture

Ever attentive to changing fashion requirements, COMEZ offers several crochet machine models for interesting types of fancy yarns: from the classic “flag” and “feather” effects to “chenille” type yarns.

Fancy yarns

To create the many fancy yarns, a piece of fabric is produced on the machine whose width is the same as the working width; this fabric is then cut using a special cutter, which comprises a series of interchangeable knives using a scissors-like movement.

Dozens of threads can be produced simultaneously. The threads are then gathered in hanks by means of a system of reels connected to the machine.

Fancy yarns

Thanks to specific technical settings on the crochet machine, it is possible to knit the weft thread that produces the loop into the needle, forming a closed chaining effect stitch. In this way, when the fabric is cut, the individual loops remain firmly attached to the base warp chain; what’s more, if the loop is pulled, the chaining effect stitch (produced in the weft) closes, thus securing it even more firmly.

Fabrics with fancy yarns

Certain fancy yarns can be used in the production of fabrics.

The originality of these fabrics is indisputable, ranking them among the most sought after designer products distributed in top boutiques and fashion stores.

“Embroidered” fabrics

For some articles, crochet machines are even be used in place of embroidery machines: making use of special piercing needles, pattern effects can be created on a fabric, which has been produced on other looms (net, tulle, etc.).

These “embroidered” fabrics are used in the production of shoes and bags.

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