Medical applications produced on knitting machines

24 Oct 2023

A wide range of medical and orthopedic solutions

Knitted fabrics offers infinite possibilities of patterns design and a wide range of solutions for medical, surgery and orthopedic purposes. Our knitting machines allow to produce both simple and high-tech fabrics, such as gauzes, elastic and rigid fabrics for body belts, fiberglass fabrics for emergency casts, suture materials, meshes for hernia repair, knitted veins along with fabrics for heat exchangers and oxygenators.


Rigid gauze for hospital use and semi-elastic gauze for protective bandages and pharmaceutical sector.

Machine models: 609/B3, 609/B8

Hernia mesh

Our machines enable the production of 2D and 3D hernia meshes with customized knitted designs and countless pore configurations.

Machine model: SNB/EL-800,

Body belts

Elastic bandages for body belts, knee-bands and shoulder-supports.

Machine model: 608/B8

Plaster casts

Our machines with compound needles allow the production of fiberglass bands for emergency plaster casts.

Machine model: 610 ACO, 800 ACO

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