Knitting technology for surgery

In the field of surgery, knitted fabrics are widely used for applications and textile implants including, for example: suture materials, implants for the treatment of hernias, artificial ligaments and knitted grafts. The versatility of Comez knitting machinery allows their users to create numerous types of textiles that meet the many requirements in terms of strength, flexibility, durability and stability of these articles.

Our knitting solutions are specifically designed to meet your needs.

Blood filtration fabrics

Membrane filters have become established in the medical sector as solutions for artificial lungs or blood oxygenators …

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Knitted vein and arteries grafts

Advanced cardiovascular surgical techniques allow the replacement of damaged or malfunctioning arteries and veins …

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Containment netting support for hernia

Thanks to surgical interventions, the abdominal or inguinal wall affected by hernia can …

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Mesh for hernia treatment

Hernia repair is one of the most common surgical procedures, affecting several …

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Artificial Ligaments

Artificial textile ligaments are intended for the augmentation and reconstruction of …

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Textile implant for treating incontinence

Comez provides customers with advanced drawing tools for designing a variety of …

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Surgical suture netting

Knitted fabrics are widely used in the medical sector for numerous applications …

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Non absorbable mesh for uterine prolapse

Numerous types of suture netting can be produced on Comez knitting machines …

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